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Welcome to my galaxy


If you are here that means you are a submissive man into female domination and you want to know me.

Im a Slavic 19yo Dominatrix based in Berlin. Femdom/foot fetish content creator and lifestyle Mistress.
My style is a combination of  opposing qualities: charming innocense and sadistic mind, so be ready to feel the contrast between my looks and the real dominance I operate.

I started practicing domination more then 2 years ago online, after some time I withdrew my passion on proffessional level and started training slaves in real life. Since then I had plenty sessions with multiple subs and I know exactly what I want and like. In normal life Im friendly and polite, but spontaneous, strict and mercilles in private. Besides my young age, I discovered my power very early which is a huge plus for me. I enjoy putting men in uncomfortable positions where they’re able to lose a sense of control and suffer for young adorable Lady. One of my favourite kinks is power exchange and I can feel it the most while dominating older, successful in normal life men, I find it especially fun and attractive. 

My perfect slave is  well mannered, reliable person who sticks up to his promises. The best kink match is classic femdom lover, female supremacy believer,  masochist or latex/ foot fetishist (a mix of everything is perfect). Someone who likes to please and pamper me. I like subs who are enterprising and will try beyond what I order them to do. 

Im more interested in establishing high-quality connections with loyal slaves rather then 1-2 short meet ups, but I wouldnt refuse an hourly booking to a gentleman with right attitude



psychological domination, foot fetish, feet worship, trampling, power exchange, pegging, slave education, long term slavery, sissification, tease and denial, whips, sadistic practices, nipple torture, cuckolding with my partner, golden shower active, cbt, humiliation, findom, latex , heels, nylons, corsets, mummification, degradation, double-Domme sessions with my female friends, forced bi and many more.

My rules

You always approach to me as Mistress/Miss. 
You ask my permission before you want to do anything during the session 
Any sexual contact/intercourse with me is strictly forbidden.  Nude sessions, dangerous for health practices are a taboo as well. 
I dont tolerate sexism, homophobia, racism etc. 



"As she comes in you do feel weak in her presence, her beauty is taking over the room, you can only succumb and go to your knees admiring her... Her scent, her skin, the perfect shape of her body, has been driving me crazy... She used me, played with me, looked into my eyes and made me simp like the aroused in love sick puppy that I am... it was a really pleasant encounter."

"It was an awesome evening! I felt very comfortable with her. She is beauty like her pictures and very polite. The communication was good and we had a lot of fun. It was a view I'll never forget to see, her offer me with that smile then she take me hard and deep. My legs are still shaky form the pegging and she hit my resetbottom. I was so happy and relaxed after it, I can just recommend her."

"I've met Saturn Queen relatively spontaneous, I just wanted to be dominated by a beautiful woman. And the Queen is an exception - her beauty lets you melt, her eyes trigger you and her lips make you lose your mind. And you cannot have her... You will be surprised how quickly she turns her friendly character into a dominant, distant and cruel behaviour. It was an incredible experience and I would recommend everybody to take a risk and meet her. She has a lot of fun dominating but respects all boundaries (tenderly pushing them). She is open and direct - exactly whats needed. Thank you very much, Mistress Saturn Queen! It was very special and I hope to be pegged and spit by You very soon..."

"I had one of the best experiences meeting Saturn Queen yesterday. She's even more beautiful in person and despite young age very experienced in bdsm. Many more sessions to follow."



If you believe you possess the necessary qualities to serve me, submit an application for a session in Berlin or other locations.

Priority will always be given to overnight dates that include social experience, such as a Dinner Date, Art Exhibition, or Shopping. However, I am also open to accepting hourly requests from worthy slaves. 

Im not replying on short inappropriate messages like „hi”, „whats up” etc. Im selective about who can have opportunity to serve me so put effort in the right approach. 

By requesting a meeting with me I need following information:
Name, Age, proffession
City you asking for
Hotel or dungeon 
Date, Time and Session length
Interests, Fetishes and Taboos

Preferred deposit method (Crypto, Wishtender, Onlyfans, Paypal, western union)
Where did you find me?

Date of the session is fixed with deposit, which is 50% of the session cost. Short notice sessions (less then 12h) and booking request between 12pm and 11 am are charged additional 50€.
In case if you cancel before 48h from the session, deposit is not returned but can be applied to next booking. If cancellation is less then in 48h be ready for loss of deposit. 

I accept applications on WhatsApp or Email:
WhatsApp :  +491626523879


Fly me to you
if you live in a remote location or want to invite me on a trip, there is an offer for you. I love to travel and I could fly to another city/country for a longer session, provided that the company is right and all my needs are met.

These are the rules for travelling arrangements: 

• individually arranged tribute per day plus tickets and hotel.
• I do my own booking process, accommodation of my choice (4-5 Stars)
• You must deposit 50% from the tribute.



Whats you tribute?

I install the tribute individually depending on time and details of the session/travel arrangement,  tribute  starts from 300 and deposit 50% is required to fix the date. I find bargaining an absolute turn off so dont do it, you will only annoy me. 

What are your hard limits?

KV, everything that ends on -job, I do not get naked in my sessions, you cant touch me without permission.

How did you discover you are into femdom?

I always knew that there is something else more exciting besides the boring vanilla life and I started my research when men approached to me online by asking me to humiliate them. I got interested and continue exploring  whole new world  of bdsm psychology, femdom, humiliation, discipline. I developed my dominant side and made men submit to me in real life.  After I discovered my real power I still enjoy it on a daily basis. 

Do you offer Long term enslavement, key holding, FLR?

I do prefer long term enslavement to short meets, start with regular sessions and tributes to install high quality connection and trust. Marriage/family oriented FLR is not interesting to me, I have a husband and Im happy in my private life but some cuckold loser would bring a nice sparkle to our amazing relationship by sponsoring our dates and get humiliated by us in cuck training session. 

Do you have dominant female friends?

Yes, I do, and we love playing together, humiliating old men is even more fun like that.

What if I dont see my fetish on your list?

Dont hesitate to ask me, most likely I will accept your request if this is something that doesnt cross my hard limits.

Do you film custom clips?

Yes, I do, starting from 50 eur per video. I have collection of heels, outfits, and super creative mind. If you have a special request for mani/pedicure or outfit that I do not possess - you will have to provide additional allowance and/or outfit.

Links & Contact

               On my linktree you can easily navigate through all the resources that I use.

I own a Twitter page, where I post regularly, if you are into findom and foot fetish -  this is the place where you can follow my updates along with serving me and showing your devotion.
I know very well how to drain, control and manipulate you to get whatever I want. Cashmeets in real life are welcome and encouraged. 

          Indulging your Mistress with nice gifts and Tributes will enhance the quality of our future interactions. I love receiving gifts and tributes on my wishtender, or getting items from my amazon wishlist.  Once you do something nice for me - contact me by email, Twitter or WhatsApp, so I know who is going to get some of My attention. All gift cards should be sent to the following address:

       On my onlyfans page I share fetish content, exclusive moments from my private life and communicate with subs. I reply there fast and more likely to have a longer conversation rather then  just arranging a session in messenger. Same as on loyalfans and fansly

I'm verified as a real Dominatrix on


My rules

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